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Atrato provides expertise in the fields of:

Humanitarian Action, including contingency planning and all key sectors of humanitarian response and early recovery.

Disaster Risk Reduction, to minimise vulnerability and exposure to natural hazards and build resilience at household, community and national levels.

Climate Change Adaptation, to develop understanding of the impacts of global climate change and capacities to respond to them in such ways that foster adaptation.

Building Resilience through policies and programmes that enable communities to reduce their vulnerability to shocks and stresses such as natural disasters, climate change, conflict and adverse economic conditions.

We provide services in the areas of:

Strategy: developing a vision, identifying objectives, and defining the resources and route to achieving them.

Policy and advocacy: developing organisational positions on key issues, as well as identifying appropriate strategies to influence the policies of external power-holders and decision-makers.

Programme Development: conducting research, consulting stakeholders and proposing new strategies to meet identified needs

Accountability: establishing processes that hold organisations and institutions to account for their duties and commitments to the people they intend to assist.

Learning: enabling organisations to identify and replicate good practice, and to avoid repeating mistakes.

Capacity-building: developing knowledge, skills and resources that enable people and organisations to achieve their objectives.

Research: generating greater understanding of important and emerging issues, with particular emphasis on participatory approaches.

Communications: producing effective strategies and resources to convey key messages to organisations’ target audiences.

Atrato works worldwide. We have experience in Latin America, North America, Africa, Asia and Europe and offer our services in English, Spanish and French.

Contact us to discuss the needs of your organisation and how Atrato could meet them.