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Posted on Jun 18, 2013

Safe Cities are Vibrant Cities

Safe Cities are Vibrant Cities

Urban disaster risk reduction in the Caribbean

Client: Oxfam GB,


The brief for this highly creative project was to produce eye-catching materials that would communicate DRR messages to at-risk communities in urban Caribbean contexts.

Marilise Turnbull, Atrato’s Principal Consultant, adapted the key messages of the Hyogo Framework for Action and the Safe Cities campaign to be meaningful and practical for their target audience. She collaborated with Colombian artist, Nhora Stella Torres, who brought the concepts and words to life in a series of vibrant watercolours.

The final suite of materials included an interactive wall calendar (with stickers for important DRR activities and events), flyers and community posters. All materials were produced in English, Spanish and Haitian Creole, for distribution in in Jamaica, Dominican Republic and Haiti. View some of the materials here… (need link)


Watercolour by Nhora Stella Torres